Solar granulation, full disk, 0.25 arc sec/pixel, 2 CMOS cameras, 2 x 14 M pixels, 7400 x 3000 pixels, Pic du Midi, 19 July 2010, Th. Roudier et al
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Solar granulation, NaD1 continuum intensity and intensity at 80 mA from line core, MSDP Pic du Midi, October 2002
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Scientific papers

Flare 2003 May 27

Supergranulation and TFGs evolution from HINODE (2007 observation)

Acoustic Events in the granulation from HINODE (04 SEP 2009 observation)

High resolution solar magnetometry with the spectrograph of the Pic du Midi Turret Dome (2003 observation)

Sub arc sec evolution of solar magnetic fields (2004 observation)

Information about polarimeters

Information about the spectrograph and detector

PDF documents

The detailed experimental setup in spectroscopic and imagery mode (PDF)

Historique du Spectrographe Tourelle (PDF)