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Plasma density and temperature with Quasi-Thermal Noise Spectroscopy
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Direct Download
The files are available for direct download either file by file here or through a zipped archive file. The corresponding quick view plots are also available either file by file here or through a zipped archive file
Data at NASA/PDS PPI node
Under review, not yet available.
Data at CDPP
The dataset in not available in the CDPP deep archive at CNES. It is however available in the CDPP tool AMDA (Automated Multi Dataset Analysis tool). The dataset is present in the data tree accessible through the Workspace Explorer window of AMDA with the following path: Parameters / AMDA DataBase / Cassini / RPWS@PDS / QTN@LESIA-OBSPM.
QTN data in AMDA
Fig. 1. First interval of QTN data (SOI, Saturn Orbit Insertion) plotted in AMDA.
[Large PNG](260kB)
QTN quick view plot
Fig. 2. Quick view for the first interval of QTN data (SOI, Saturn Orbit Insertion).
[PNG](190kB) [PDF](70kB)

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