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Plasma density and temperature with Quasi-Thermal Noise Spectroscopy
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The RPWS HFR QTN data set in included in CDF files. Each parameter is a 1D variable in the file, depending on time. The SCET of each sample corresponds to the beginning of the HFR sweep. Hence, the real measurement time can be up to about 2 sseconds after that time, depending on the operating mode and on the value of FuH.
Ancillary Data
Ancillary data are included in the files. They provide the location of the spacecraft at the time of the measurement (distance to Saturn, latitude, local time and L-Shell).
Coordinate System
The data in this data set are thermal plasma parameters derived from HFR spectra using the thermal noise spectroscopy theory. These parameters are presented as detected by the sensor and are not rotated into any other coordinate system. If desired the SPICE kernels can be used with the SPICE toolkit to convert from the spacecraft frame to virtually any frame which may be of use in analyzing these data. However, for most purposes, the parameters may be considered point measurements at Cassini and may be entirely adequate with no coordinate transformations at all.
These data are supplied as an online collection of CDF files. They are available directly from this site, from the NASA/PDS PPI node (currently under review), from the CDPP tools (currently under review) and from the VESPA-enabled tools and portals (coming soon).

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