STEREO SWG and Science Workshop

Observatoire de Paris à Meudon
Place Jules Janssen
92195 Meudon cedex

  • To access to the Workshop pictures, you can go to the anonymous FTP : (login : anonymous, passwd : your email).

    For the low resolution pictures:
    cd outgoing/STEREO_SWG_low_YYYYMMDD
    For the high resolution pictures:
    cd outgoing/STEREO_SWG_YYYYMMDD

  • Latest STEREO SWG science workshop (20 to 22 april) program )
  • Latest informations on the venue :
  • Observatory map and meetings locations:

  • SECCHI consortium meeting : 23 to 24 april (Please go to the SECCHI consortium meeting page)
  • S/WAVES Team meeting : 23 april (program )

  • Cocktail Monday April 21 7:30 PM Salle Cassini Paris Observatory (Downtown Paris)