Workshop on
the future of solar radioastronomy in France

    In 2009 the French agencies CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and CNES (National Space Agency) determine their program for the coming four years. At the same time, the FASR project is delayed, the Chinese Radioheliograph CSRH is under development, and LOFAR should become operational in at most two years.

    The Nançay Radioheliograph team organizes a workshop at Meudon Observatory in order to explore the future of solar radio astronomy in France, with emphasis on imaging in the meter- decimeter band. The goal is to draw conclusions on the opportunity to operate the Nançay Radioheliograph during the next 10 years and the interest of upgrades or new instruments.

    The workshop will consist in scientific sessions that will address topics where meter - decimeter radio observations are important, and in a session on instrumentation that will summarize the evolution of projects for future radio instrumentation, review the space borne and ground based instruments which will be available in the next 10 years, and to formulate conclusions that will be submitted to the French programmatic discussion on ground-based instrumentation.

    The workshop which will last three half-days, is scheduled on June 29-30, 2009.

    It will take place in the "Grande Coupole" conference room at Meudon Observatory.