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BAKEOUT facility

Thursday 27 August 2020, by JĂ©rĂ´me Parisot

Facility objectives

Installation BAKEOUT en salle MESPAL
Installation BAKEOUT en salle MESPAL

Photo J. Parisot - janv 2019
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The BAKEOUT installation has the following purposes:

  • Outgas components under vacuum within the temperature range [21; 160]°C
  • Measure the outgas level by the use of a TQCM microbalance, in conformity with the norms ECSS-Q-TM-70-01C of ESA and ASTM-E595 of the NASA.

The bakeout installation is located in an air-conditioned test room equipped with a mobile laminar flow hood (class ISO 5).

The update of the bake-out chamber has been developed for the MEB/RPW instrument of theSolar Orbiter mission.

The installation has been designed with the idea to be used for other projects. It has been used since then to measure the outgas levels of the following instruments:

  • XGRE / TARANIS : bake-out of 3 flight models and the MGSE
  • PAS / Solar Orbiter : bake-out of flight model & flight spare of the electronic cards
TQCM - Installation BAKEOUT
TQCM - Installation BAKEOUT

Photo J. Parisot - Juin 2016
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Description of the installation

The installation contains :

  • A vacuum chamber (paralepidid) with a volume of about 50l
    • The chamber can be equipped with multiple shelves ;
    • The back part contains the essential part of the junctions (pumping, cryogenic cold trap, TQCM balance and electric cable feedthrough) ;
  • A pumping system (primary + secondary) build out of :
    • A primary pumping group, dry, with a Roots level ;
    • A turbomolecular pump ;
  • A 2 stage cryogenerator ;
  • Multiple security devices for heating of which one autonomous system based on a contact opening thermostat ;
  • A control/command system for the pumping, temperature regulations during heating and TQCM microbalance steering (real time analysis of success criteria).

The steering interface is programmed under LabVIEW.

The complete automatization of the installation has been renovated mid-2018.

Bake-out SuperCam OBOX-FM2
Bake-out SuperCam OBOX-FM2

Photo J. Parisot - Janv. 2019
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Bake-out SuperCam MICROPHONE FM
Bake-out SuperCam MICROPHONE FM

Photo J. Parisot - FĂ©v. 2018
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Technical characteristics of the installation

Pressure in chamber : 10-7 mbar
Functional temperature range +21°C à 160°C
Useful dimensions Height : 32 cm ;
Depth : 50 cm ;
Width : 32 cm
Cryogenic cold trap 2 stage Helium cryogenerator, 10K
TQCM Microbalance QCM Research MK10
Number of temperature measurement points 12 (of which 6 reserved for the components to be outgassed)
Precision (4-wired PT100 sensors) 0,1 °C
Date of first use 03/2016

For all test requests, contact JĂ©rĂ´me Parisot

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