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Catalogue HAL pour l'année 2011

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Guo Y., Schmieder B., Bommier V., Mein P.. Magnetic Field Structures in a Facular Region Derived from THEMIS and Hinode Vector Magnetic Field. Leon Golub, Ineke De Moortel and Toshifumi Shimizu. The Fifth Hinode Science Meeting, Oct 2011, Cambridge (Massachusets), United States. 456, pp.55, ASP Conference Series.
Référence ADS : 2012ASPC..456...55G
Référence HAL : hal-02382601

Bommier V.. Possible density diagnostic by collisional depolarization in planetary atmospheres. PS7.2/AS4.16 "Aurora, Airglow and TLEs in Planetary Atmospheres", Apr 2011, Vienne, Austria.
Référence HAL : hal-02907098

Bommier V., Aulanier G., Joulin V., Schmieder B.. Neutralization of coronal electric currents from THEMIS photospheric observations and MHD simulations. Semaine de l'Astrophysique française, Jun 2011, Paris, France.
Référence HAL : hal-02907997

Schmieder B., Bommier V., Aulanier G., Joulin V.. Emergence of magnetic flux, twist and torsion. ESPM-13, 13th European Solar Physics Meeting, Sep 2011, Rhodes, Greece.
Référence HAL : hal-02908002

Bommier V.. Possibility of making complete vector magnetic field maps of solar active regions at the photospheric level. Eight European Space Weather Week, Nov 2011, Namur, Belgium.
Référence HAL : hal-02908022

Lamy Laurent. Variability of SKR modulations and validity of the strobe-like picture. Magnetospheres of Outer Planets, Jul 2011, Boston, United States. 2011.
Référence HAL : hal-03724630

Schmieder Brigitte, Bommier Véronique, Aulanier Guillaume, Joulin Vincent. Emergence of magnetic flux, twist and torsion. ESPM-13, 13th European Solar Physics Meeting, Sep 2011, Rhodes (Grèce), Greece. 2011.
Référence HAL : hal-03724652

Lamy Laurent. Simultaneous multi-wavelength observations of Saturn's aurorae. Cassini Magnetospheric and Plasma Science workshop, Apr 2011, Annapolis, Canada. 2011.
Référence HAL : hal-03730058

Le Chat GaĂ©tan, Issautier Karine, Meyer Nicole, Hoang Sang. Large−scale variation of solar wind electron properties: Ulysses measurements. SF2A, Jun 2011, Paris, France, France. 2011.
Référence HAL : hal-03730076

Bommier VĂ©ronique. Observed difference between the vertical and horizontal magnetic field gradients in sunspots. LWS/SDO-3/SOHO-26/GONG 2011 Workshop, Oct 2011, Stanford University, Palo Alto (Californie), United States. 2011.
Référence HAL : hal-03730095