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Catalogue HAL pour l'année 2007

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Balthasar H., Bommier V.. The Height Dependence of the Magnetic Vector Field in Sunspots. Solar Polarization 5: In Honor of Jan Stenflo, Sep 2007, Ascona, Switzerland. 405, pp.229-232, Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series.
Référence ADS : 2009ASPC..405..229B
Référence HAL : hal-02383219

Bommier V., Martínez González M.J.. The Internetwork Magnetic Field at the THEMIS resolution limit. 5th International Workshop on Solar Polarization (SPW5), Sep 2007, Ascona, Switzerland.
Référence HAL : hal-02907265

Marcq Emmanuel, BĂ©zard Bruno, Drossart Pierre. Analysis of VIRTISH nightside spectra in the 2.3μm window. EGU 4th General Assembly, Apr 2007, Vienna, Austria. Poster Session 2.1, 2007.
Référence HAL : hal-03724629

Lamy Laurent, Prangé Renée, Cecconi Baptiste, Zarka Philippe. Diurnal modulation of AKR observed by Cassini/RPWS and consequences on magnetospheric dynamics. Magnetospheres of Outer Planets, Jun 2007, San Antonio, Texas, United States. 2007.
Référence HAL : hal-03730124

Lacombe Catherine, Alexandrova Olga, Mangeney André, Samsonov Andrey A., Cornilleau-Wehrlin Nicole, Lucek E., Bosqued J.-M.. Cluster observations in the magnetosheath: anisotropies of the wave vector distribution of the turbulence at proton and electron scales. STAMMS-2 conference, Sep 2007, Orléans, France, France. 2007.
Référence HAL : hal-03803506

Alexandrova Olga, Lacombe Catherine, Mangeney André, Lucek E.. Cluster observations in the magnetosheath: wave vector distribution of the magnetic fluctuations at proton scales. EGU, Apr 2007, Vienna, Austria. 2007.
Référence HAL : hal-03803516

Blanco Léonardo, Glanc Marie, Lacombe François, Rousset Gérard, Paques Michel, Bellmann C., Le Gargasson Jean-François, Sahel José-Alain. Adaptive Optics corrected images with the upgraded Quinze-Vingts Hospital retinal imager. Colloque de suivi PNRV, Jun 2007, Vancouver, Canada. 2007.
Référence HAL : hal-03803520

Kim Sang Joon, Seo H., Kim J., Geballe Thomas R., Courtin RĂ©gis, Brown Linda R.. High-resolution 3-micron Spectral Features of Titan Identified with Updated CH3D and C2H6 Line Lists. AAS/Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting #39, Oct 2007, Orlando, FL, United States. 2007.
Référence HAL : hal-03803530

Blanco Léonardo, Glanc Marie, Vabre Laurent, Lacombe François, Puget Pascal, Rousset Gérard, Chenegros Guillaume, Mugnier Laurent M., Paques Michel, Le Gargasson Jean-François, Sahel José-Alain. Adaptive Optics images with the Quinze-Vingts Hospital retinal imager. SF2A, Jul 2007, Grenoble, France, France. 2007.
Référence HAL : hal-03803552

Courtin RĂ©gis, Sim Chae Kyung. Remote sensing of Titan's troposphere with the CIRS instrument on Cassini. European Planetary Sciences Conference, Aug 2007, Potsdam, Allemagne, Germany. 2007.
Référence HAL : hal-03803579