Meudon & Haute Provence (OHP)
Laboratoire d'Etudes Spatiales et d'Instrumentation en Astrophysique (LESIA)

Yearly summary of observations
Meudon heliographs: detailed list of observations
OHP heliograph: detailed list of observations
1956-1997 (films)

Data are stored on 35 mm x 45 m films and can be digitized upon request at: Observateurs.Solaires@obspm.fr

The first film of June 1956

See also the 16 mm IGY 1957 report movie to promote high cadence observations

1999-2004 (CCD)

Data are stored off-line on CD or DVD (FITS files) and can be downloaded upon request at: Observateurs.Solaires@obspm.fr

1999-2004 light curves and MPEG movies are on line at BASS2000 solar archive

Monthly catalogues (YYMM, YY=year, MM=month)

Filenames (DD=day):
Light curve at line center, red wing, blue wing (maximum value and disk average)
Half resolution movie at line center
Half resolution movie, red wing + blue wing

Light curve and movie FTP access:
March 1999 --> June 2001
July 2001 --> April 2003
May 2003 --> April 2004
May 2004 --> October 2004

Example: light curve and half resolution movies of 28 October 2003:
ha031028.ps ha031028.mpg h+031028.mpg

The gallery: some examples of MPEG 4 movies

(FITS files available upon request)

"Disparition brusque", 2 september 1999
"Disparition brusque", 21 july 2000
Flare, 13 march 2000
Flare, 14 october 1999
Flare, 22 october 2001
Flare, 24 june 1999
Flare, 25 august 2001
Flare, 28 october 2003
Prominence eruption, 11 august 2000

Other beautiful events (PDF short list) & low resolution MPEG 4 movies: download ZIP archive

The transmission curve of the 1985-2004 tunable Lyot filter

(dashed/dotted: 3-stage primary/2-stage secondary filter; solid: 3+2=5-stage filter; green: blocking filter; yellow: global transmission; blue: Halpla line)