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3rd Europlanet strategic workshop – 4th PHC/Sakura meeting


Venus as a transiting exoplanet

Strategic workshop on coordinated ground-based

measurements and modeling of the Venus atmosphere


Observatoire de Paris - Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, France


 March 5-7, 2012



last update : March 12 2012 – 18:00CET

Monday, March 5


Observatoire de Paris – B‰timent Perrault - Salle du Conseil

Entrance : 77 Avenue Denfert Rochereau – 75014 Paris

9:30-18:30 CET



CafŽ and croissants



Welcome remarks

T. Widemann





First session






Current status of Akatsuki

T. Imamura



Mapping zonal winds in visible at cloud top

P. Machado



Contribution from simultaneous wind measurements

with VEX-VMC and ground-based observations

J. Peralta




VMC wave measurements

S. Limaye



Modeling of the upper atmosphere

C. Parkinson



Thermal infrared observation of Venus with Akatsuki/LIR

and ground-based camera


T. Fukuhara



Ground-based observations of 1.27 micron O2 airglow

S. Ohtsuki,  N. Iwagami






Lunch, Observatoire de Paris cafetaria






Second session






First Wind Results from Infrared Heterodyne Observations

on Venus in June 2011 and near future observation plans

M. Sornig




Winds, and sulfur/water chemistry in the Venus middle

atmosphere from ground-based submm observations

of CO, SO2, SO, and HDO


B. Sandor




Mapping of SO2 and HDO on Venus

using thermal infrared imaging spectroscopy

T. Encrenaz




SO2 monitoring with SPICAV nadir in UV

E. Marcq



Water vapour in the Venus lower atmosphere

from the 1.18 micron window


S. Chamberlain



A status report on data analysis of Venus mm/submm ground-based observations (SMA, CARMA, PdBI)









Discussion : Variability of the Venus mesosphere









Tuesday,  March 6


IAP - Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris -  AmphithŽ‰tre Henri-Mineur

Entrance : 77 Avenue Denfert Rochereau – 75014 Paris

9:30 – 16:30 CET





CafŽ and croissants






Third session






A Venus Terminator Mesospheric and Thermospheric Model

using the SOIR measurements on board Venus Express

A. Mahieux


Temperature structure of the Venus upper mesosphere/lower thermosphere:  Spatial, diurnal, and decadal variation

from ground-based submm measurements

B. Sandor


Aerosol loading in the upper haze of Venus

V. Wilquet, S. Takagi



Simulated transmission spectrum of Venus

as a transiting exoplanet


D. Ehrenreich



HST observations of Venus as a transiting exoplanet

A. Vidal-Madjar



Earth and Venus transmission spectra during transit

A. Garc’a Mu–oz,

F. Mills





Lunch, Observatoire de Paris cafetaria






Fourth session



Transit of Venus : an exoplanet perpective II






Observation and refraction modeling of the aureole

P. Tanga



Observation with PICARD/SODISM during transit

A. Hauchecorne,

M. Meftah



Transit of Venus spectroscopy and high resolution imaging, NSO/Sacramento Peak

K. Reardon




Spectroscopy and high resolution imaging, Yunnan Observatory

C. Bazin, S. Koutchmy,

Xu Zhi



Discussion : Spectral regions and filters, space and ground-based facilities (spatially resolved and disk-integrated)






Multi spectral imaging of planets using MSI

installed at Pirka telescope


K. Hamamoto



Venus observation using Pirka and balloon telescopes

Y. Takahashi



Venus Coronagraph Deployment – Outreach activity at Agency level





1-hour snacking cruise on the Seine



Meeting : Vedettes de Paris, Port de Suffren, 75007 Paris



MŽtro : Bik-Hakeim station (line 6, direction Charles-de-Gaulle-ƒtoile)

Cost : 18 Û / person.







Wednesday,  March 7


Observatoire de Paris – Salle de l'Atelier

Entrance : 77 Avenue Denfert Rochereau – 75014 Paris

9h30-18h00 CET




Room available all day for splinter meetings,

additional VoIP presentations, discussions.






Fifth session



Lunch meeting for summarizing the workshop

Y. Takahashi


End of meeting







Expected participants (as of March 5) :

(T) by teleconference



Yukihiro Takahashi (U. Hokkaido)

Takeshi Imamura (T) (JAXA)

Naomoto Iwagami (T) (U. Tokyo)

Shoko Ohtsuki (JAXA / U. Tokyo)

Tetsuya Fukuhara (U. Hokkaido)

Ko Hamamoto (U. Hokkaido)

Seiko Takagi (U. Tokyo and BISA)

Hideo Sagawa (Applied Electromagnetic Research Institute, NICT)


United States

Sanjay Limaye (University of Wisconsin, WI)

Brad Sandor (Space Science Institute, Boulder, CO)

Chris Parkinson (U. Michigan, MI/LATT, Grenoble, F)

Jay Pasachoff (T) (Williams College, MA)

Kevin Reardon (T) (Arcetri Observatory in Florence, Italy)

Elliot Young (T) (SwRI, Boulder)



David Luz (CAAUL/Lisboa Obs.)

Sarah Chamberlain (CAAUL/Lisboa Obs.)

Javier Peralta (CAAUL/Lisboa Obs.)

David Berry (CAAUL/Lisboa Obs.)

Pedro Machado (CAAUL/Lisboa Obs.)



ValŽrie Wilquet (BISA/Belgium Inst. for Space Aeronomy)

Arnaud Mahieux (BISA/Belgium Inst. for Space Aeronomy)

SŽverine Robert (BISA/Belgium Inst. for Space Aeronomy)



Thomas Widemann (Obs. Paris / LESIA)

Paolo Tanga (Obs. C™te-d'Azur/Lagrange)

David Ehrenreich (U. Joseph Fourier/LATT, Grenoble)

Alfred Vidal-Madjar (Institut d'Astrophysique, Paris)

Emmanuel Marcq (IPSL/LATMOS)

Alain Hauchecorne (IPSL/LATMOS)

Mustapha Meftah (IPSL/LATMOS)

ThŽrse Encrenaz (Obs. Paris / LESIA)

Cyril Bazin (Institut d'Astrophysique, Paris)



Arianna Piccialli (ESA-ESTEC)



Antonio Garc’a Mu–oz (IAC/Instituto de Astrof’sica de Canarias)



Manuela Sornig (I.Physikalisches Institut, U. Koeln)

Maren Herrmann (I.Physikalisches Institut, U. Koeln)



Colin Wilson (Oxford University)


China (PRC)

Xu Zhi (T) (Yunnan Astron. Obs.)





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RER-B directly connects Charles-de-Gaulle airport to Denfert-Rochereau station. For guidance please visit this site [http://parisbytrain.com/charles-de-gaulle-airport-cdg-to-paris-by-train/]

Paris Observatory entrance at 77, avenue Denfert-Rochereau is half way, 5-10 mn walk to RER B stops Port-Royal and Denfert-Rochereau. A convenient bus in Denfert-Rochereau : line 38, one every 7-8 min. Bus front indicates final stop : northbound : Gare du Nord, southbound : Porte d'OrlŽans.