Daniel Rouan           french


Exceptional grade senior researcher at CNRS
Senior scientist at
Observatoire de Paris, LESIA (Laboratoire d’Etudes Spatiales et d’Instrumentation pour l’Astrophysique)
  group of High Angular Resolution in Astrophysics (Haute Résolution Angulaire en Astrophysique)

Recent responsibilities :
  Research fields:

• Interstellar  medium, dust, PAH
• Active Galactic Nuclei, Galactic Center, starburst galaxies
• Extrasolar Planets: transits, direct detection, nulling interferometry
• Infrared Instrumentation
• Imaging at high angular resolution and high dynamic: adaptive optics, coronagraphy, nulling interferometry
• Space Experiments: ISO, COROT, JWST / MIRI
• Instrumentation of large ground-based telescopes (CFHT, VLT): CIRCUS, ADONIS, GRIF, NAOS, SPHERE

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Word Clouds at various epochs :

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Publications :
                Encyclopedia of Astrobiology     
Seminaries / conferences (video / podcast)
  • Exoplanets 1
  • Exoplanets 2
  • Exoplanets 3
  • Exoplanets 4
  • Becoming an astronomer
  • Instrumentation in astrophysics
  • Coronagraphie

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