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Occultations in 2003: Triton

An occultation by Triton on November 29, 2003, is documented in the the MIT site. (The occulted star is refered to "Tr266" in this site) Visibility of the evens are described below.

Triton: 29 November 2003 around 03:48 UT

The star GSC 6348-476, or USNO-A2.0 0675-35937787 (B=13.5, R=12.7), see the Vizier site for more information on that star).

The star is referred as Tr266 in the MIT candidate star list. will be occulted by Triton as seen from the Pacific Ocean.

The shadow of Triton's body (gray area) and the atmospheric shadow (dotted lines) is shown in the figure below, with the center of the shadow plotted every minute.

The shadow moves from the left to the right, for a change!

** Note that the crescent Moon (34% illumination) will be only at 8 deg 30 mn from Triton! **

The illumination of the Earth will be as follows:

About the background photo: sunrise on Mt Rose (Italy).

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