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Occultations in 2003: Titania

An occultation of a V=10.4 star by Titania will occur on August 1st, 2003. A graph forwarded by Mike Kretlow is provided below.

Titania: 01 August 2003 around 04:30 UT

The Tycho star TYC 5806-696-1 (B=11.1, V=10.4) will be occulted by Titania as seen from Western Europe and Northern and Central Americas.

The center of Titania's shadow (ticked line) is shown in the figure below, with one tick per minute. The shadow moves from the right to the left and Titania's radius is a little bit less than 800 km.

The illumination of the Earth will be as follows:

NB: the crescent Moon will not be a problem (166 deg away from Titania and 10% illumination).

About the background photo: volcanoes near the meteoritic Monruraqui crater in Atacama desert.

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