2012 stellar Occultations by TNOs Campaigns

Here you find predictions to selected stellar occultations by TNOs, that are under campaign. We will do our best to update the prediction maps, so be alert for changes in this page (last modification on 05/October/2012). If you can observe (or know who can) any of these occultations, please contact us (felipe.ribas-at-obspm.fr or bruno.sicardy-at-obspm.fr).

More information about the predictions can be found in Bruno Sicardy's web page and in Assafin et al. 2010 (for Pluto system predictions) and Assafin et al. 2012 (for the TNO preditions). Please, do references about the predictions to Sicardy's web page and/or Assafin et al. 2010 and 2012 paper.

Informations about the maps (please read at least once!):
- The straight and continue lines are the shadow limits considering the estimated radius;
- Each red dot is spaced by one minute, the nominal occultation time is to the big red dot (that is the geocentric closest approach);
- For Pluto and  Charon, the error is about 800km, and for the other TNOs it can be as big as 3000km.
- The star R* and K* are the R and K magnitudes, normalized to a body moving at 20km/s.

- The body offset is at the upper left corner.
- Be careful, the dates are from the moment of the event in Universal Time, the night of the event may begin at the date before.

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Date Object Star R magnitude Map Other information
03/02 2003 AZ84 15.1 2012-02-03_2003AZ84/2012-02-03T19h45m38s_2003AZ84.jpg
**See updates here**

17/02 Quaoar 15.2 2012-02-17-04.502_Quaoar.jpg
**See updates here**

Updated star position
19/02 Chariklo 15 2012-02-19T06.575_jpl19noOfst_Chariklo.jpg

Updated star position and offset applied.


Date Object Star R magnitude Map Other information
Quaoar 18.5 2012-03-13-08.625_Quaoar.jpg
31/03 Varuna 18.5 2012/2012-03-31T21h40m31s_Varuna.jpg **Click to see updates (22/mar).**

Duration of 8.3 minutes!


Date Object Star R magnitude Map Other information
16/04 Ixion 10.9 2012/2012-04-16_Preston_Ixion.gif Applying our mesured offset to JPL#11, I get this map:
17/04 Quaoar
+ Weywot
 12 2012/2012-04-17T02.224_Quaoar.jpg *Click to see important updates*



Date Object Star R magnitude Map Other information
27/05 Quaoar 17.3 2012-05-27T00.769_Quaoar.jpg *Click to see updates 24/05*

30/05 Ixion 17.5 2012-05-30-19.716_Ixion.jpg *Click to see updates 24/05*


Date Object Star R magnitude Map Other information
04/06 Pluto 14.8 2012-06-04_11.279_Pluto.jpg

*Click to see updates 23/05*

14/06 Pluto 13.7 2012-06-14_03.432_Pluto.jpg *Click to see updates 13/06*

19/06 Ixion 16.0 2012-06-19-04.552_Ixion.jpg
*Click to see updates 18/06*


new: maps and finding charts.

22/06 Ixion 17.2 2012-06-22-03.702_Ixion.jpg

*Click to see updates 18/06*

new: maps and finding charts.

29/06 Pluto 14.5 2012/2012-06-29_11.972_Pluto.jpg 2012-06-29-11.963_PicJun_Pluto.jpg
Updated on June 26th.


Date Object Star R magnitude map  other information
10/07 Quaoar 16.5 2012/2012-07-10_08.358_Quaoar.jpg *Click to see updates 04/07*


new: maps and finding charts.
18/07 Pluto 14.6 2012/2012-07-18_04.229_Pluto.jpg 2012-07-18-04.239_starOPD_ofMarrakesh_Pluto.jpg
Updated on July 13.
21/07 Pluto 13.0 2012/2012-07-21_19.483_Pluto.jpg
23/07 Charon 16.1 2012/2012-07-23_12.613_Charon.jpg Double with Pluto.

Updated on June 26th.
23/07 Pluto 16.1 2012/2012-07-23_12.810_Pluto.jpg Double with Charon.

Updated on June 26th.
27/07 Charon 14.2 2012-07-27_14.688_Charon.jpg


Date Object Star R magnitude map  other information
24/08 Charon 16.5 2012/2012-08-24_00.364_Charon.jpg Double with Pluto.

Click to see updates 21/07:
24/08 Pluto 16.5 2012/2012-08-24_00.688_Pluto.jpg Double with Charon.

Click to see updates 21/07:
26/08 Pluto 15 2012-08-26-10.877_WFI_Pluto.jpg


Date Object Star R magnitude map  other information
09/09 Charon 16.0 2012-09-09_03.707_Charon.jpg
Double with Pluto.

Click to see updates 31/08:
09/09 Pluto 16.0 2012-09-09_03.054_Pluto.jpg
Double with Charon.

Click to see updates 31/08:
27/09 2002 MS4  15.6 2012-09-27_307261_2002MS4.jpg Event informed by José Luis Ortiz:


Date Object Star R magnitude map  other information
Pluto 16.9 2012-10-02_02.552_Pluto.jpg
Double with Charon.

Click to see updates 18/09
02/10 Charon 16.9 2012/2012-10-02_03.160_Charon.jpg
Double with Pluto.

Click to see updates 18/09
09/10 Ixion 16.6 2012-10-09-19.304_OffOPD27mai12_Ixion.jpg
11/10 Charon 17.3 2012/2012-10-11_02.259_Charon.jpg Double with Pluto.
11/10 Pluto 17.3 2012/2012-10-11_02.543_Pluto.jpg Double with Charon
15/10 Quaoar 17.3 2012/2012-10-15T00.682_Quaoar.jpg New star postion from 17th September and offset from May 2012:


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