Anthony Boccaletti

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basic facts

Nom :

Boccaletti Anthony


Astronomer, CR1


Paris Observatory, section Meudon, FRANCE

field of interests :

Exoplanets, High Contrast Imaging, Circumstellar disks

LAST Publication :


Boccaletti, A.; Augereau, J.-C.; Lagrange, A.-M.; Milli, J.; Baudoz, P.; Mawet, D.; Mouillet, D.; Lebreton, J.; Maire, A.-L.

Morphology of the very inclined debris disk around HD 32297

Total Solar eclipse from Savalou, Benin. March 29th, 2006

D’après les assertions de Belzébuth, notre Soleil n’éclaire ni ne chauffe ....