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Trompet L., Geunes Y., Ooms T., Mahieux A., Wilquet V., Chamberlain S., Robert S., Thomas I. R., Erard Stéphane, Cecconi Baptiste, Le Sidaner Pierre, Vandaele Ann-Carine

Description, accessibility and usage of SOIR/Venus Express atmospheric profiles of Venus distributed in VESPA (Virtual European Solar and Planetary Access)

Planetary and Space Science, 2018, vol. 150, pp. 60-64

Référence DOI : 10.1016/j.pss.2017.04.022
Référence ADS : 2018P&SS..150...60T

Résumé :

Venus Express SOIR profiles of pressure, temperature and number densities of different constituents of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere of Venus are the only experimental data covering the 60 km to 220 km range of altitudes at the terminator of Venus. This unique dataset is now available in the open access VESPA infrastructure. This paper describes the content of these data products and provides some use cases.

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